The Smith Institute uses state-of-the-art optimisation techniques to provide efficient solutions for our customers.

We are experts in the use of Gurobi’s software. The Gurobi Optimizer is a commercial solver for all common large-scale optimisation types — including Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming and Mixed Integer Linear Programming.

Our recent optimisation work includes sequential decision-making for nuclear decommissioning, the development of optimal route scheduling and driver rostering for distribution, determining winners and prices in spectrum auctions and matching supply and demand in electricity networks.

A particularly successful application of the Gurobi Optimizer was in our verification work for the Federal Communications Commission in the Broadcast Incentive Auction (BIA). Here Gurobi was used to determine the best channel assignments to TV Broadcasters in a sequence of 14 optimisations. Each reflected different spectrum management policies and protected TV Broadcasters coverage areas by preventing interference from other TV Broadcasters or wireless carriers, all the while preserving the results of previous optimisations. The model formulation for these optimisations contained more than five million constraints and more than a hundred thousand variables.

In our experience, Gurobi supports the building of optimisation models that includes multiple objectives giving a flexibility in how they are prioritised, and advanced modelling features. The Gurobi Optimizer is robust and scales well, and is our preferred solution, when decision problems have millions of variables and constraints and billions or trillions of potential solutions.

The speed, ease of use and efficiency of Gurobi means that we can focus on creating the best solution for our customers without compromising on quality.