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Partnering with clients worldwide across government and industry, we fuel transformation goals and realise strategic objectives using advanced mathematics, analytics and AI. We are dedicated to using our skills to deliver real world value and create positive outcomes for society, the economy and the environment.
Innovation is in our DNA.

Our founder, Bruce Smith worked on the moon landing project in 1969, using mathematics to push the boundaries of human endeavour.

We continue this legacy today helping clients harness the transformative power of mathematics and AI.

Mathematics at our core

Smith Institute was founded on the belief that successfully harnessing mathematical ways of thinking creates innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing challenges in business and society. Our commitment to this approach has never wavered.

For over two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of driving positive change in energy systems, transport, spectrum auctions, AI innovation and more. Today, we are a team of skilled technologists and mathematical thinkers who harness the best of statistics, operations research, machine learning and decision science to create maximum impact for our clients.

powerful solutions

From custom-built models to decision-enhancing visualisations to production-grade solutions, we work as your essential partner to provide insight, assurance, and strategic advantage. Every problem is different, and we keep the end use at front of mind as we design and deliver solutions.

Our mathematical expertise means we truly understand the foundations of what we use. With understanding comes assurance: we know the benefits and trade-offs of different approaches, meaning risks are managed and performance is maximised in both the short- and long-term.


Excellence and impact

Our people make us who we are. Energy system optimisation, intelligent transport, autonomous cyber security, systems engineering – even biophysics: we’ve studied and worked across the mathematical sciences, giving us the truly interdisciplinary mindset necessary to deliver the best of all worlds for our clients.
A potent mixture of technical competence with excellent leadership.
Douglas Street
Technology Research Lead
Brompton White
It’s been great working with the Smith Institute team on this project. From the outset they have been open and collaborative, bringing technical expertise and passion to the table, and delivering the bespoke solution we were looking for
Dan Hibbs
Senior Business Intelligence Manager
One of my favourite things about working at Smith Insitute is the opportunity to continuously seek out and implement innovative mathematical solutions and staying abreast of the latest technology advancements.
Emilia Alvarez
Innovation Manager

Our Team

Our team combines deep mathematical expertise with commercial acumen to help your organisation realise its objectives.

Empower your decisions and
accelerate innovation

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Stefano Fronzoni

Mathematical Intern

Stefano joined Smith Institute in June 2024 as a Mathematical Intern. 

He is a DPhil student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford. His main interest is Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics. He is focused on the development of efficient algorithms to solve partial differential equations and optimisation problems. This work involves mathematical modelling and simulations for real-world applications.

Stefano studies both the theoretical analysis of numerical schemes and the implementation of efficient algorithms. Scientific computing and programming are always at the centre of hisresearch as well as studying the properties and potential improvements of mathematical models.

Stefano is tirelessly interested in the knowledge of mathematics and statistics to grasp new concepts, visions and techniques and in the application of these notions to model real-world problems.

Eva Morris

Administrative Assistant

Eva joined Smith Institute in April 2024.

She is working alongside Judy Reynolds, Claire Petworth and Steph Thurston, providing administrative support to the team.

Eva has experience working in the charity sector, management support and retail.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing too much Zelda, enjoying nature (weather permitting), and finishing her Master of Arts Literature Studies dissertation.

Jackie Frary

Senior Project Manager

Jackie joined the Smith Institute in April 2024 after ten years managing technical projects, eight of which have been leading large/complex projects. Prior to joining the Smith Institute, Jackie worked across R&D, new technology development, and innovation in the Tech industry, as well as Oil & Gas.

During a 2.5 year career break Jackie worked as a ski instructor, teaching on the slopes in Austria, Australia, and Switzerland. She has since hung up her skis, and swapped speeding on snow for long distance triathlons. With two sheep dogs and a demanding training schedule Jackie spends a lot of time outside battling the British weather.

Dr Lincoln Wallen

Non-exec Director

Dr Lincoln Wallen is Chief Technology Officer at British technology company, Improbable.

After joining DreamWorks Animation in 2008 as Head of Research and Development, he was promoted to CTO in 2012, a position he held for the next 5 years. Lincoln was formerly CTO of Electronic Arts Mobile where he was instrumental in shaping EA’s approach to the mobile business, which saw EA deliver a strong portfolio of mass market mobile games, as well as games delivering a next-generation consumer experience. Prior to joining EA, Lincoln was with Criterion Software and MathEngine.

His early career involved 20 years of professional IT and mathematics research, including two years as BP Venture Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, and latterly as a Reader in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. In 2012 Lincoln was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh.

Terri Lucas

Non-exec Director

Terri Lucas joined the Smith Institute board in 2019 as an independent non-executive director. She is an experienced executive director, Board advisor and non-executive director, with deep commercial expertise in the private and not-for-profit sectors. Terri joins from global consulting firm Mercer where she led the Growth Leadership Team, and sat on the UK Leadership Board and the Diversity and Inclusion Council from 2015 until 2019. Prior to that, she spent 13 years with pensions and benefits consulting businesses, Hymans Robertson and Aon Consulting in senior sales and marketing roles, with a seat at the management committee table of Hymans Robertson.

Terri previously served a three year term on the Council of the Confederation of British Industry, the advisory panel of Winmark’s marketing director network and was a founder of Aspire Circle, Bristol, a group to help women and girls fulfil their full potential. Terri has a number of pro bono roles, including being a mentor for The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and is an ambassador for Women on Boards, a network supporting women into non-executive director, trustee or executive leadership roles.

In her spare time, Terri enjoys adventurous travel, photography, food, health and wellbeing, fund raising and working through her bucket list. She received a degree in English Literature from The Open University.

Graeme Hobbs

Chair of the Board

Prof Mike Giles

Non-exec Director

Prof David Leslie

Scientific Board Member

Dr David Allwright joined the Smith Institute in 2000.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and worked as a Research Fellow on control theory at the Universities of Cambridge and Toronto.

David’s technical interests then expanded at Topexpress Ltd to include signal processing, acoustics, vibration and other areas of fluid and solid mechanics, and then further, to other wave phenomena and probabilistic and Markov models at the University of Oxford and the Smith Institute.  David joined the Smith Institute’s Scientific Board when it was established in 2014.

Prof Frank Kelly

Vice President and Chair of the Scientific Board

Frank Kelly is Professor of the Mathematics of Systems at the University of Cambridge.

His main research interests are in random processes, networks and optimization. He is especially interested in applications to the design and control of networks and to the understanding of self-regulation in large-scale systems.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering, and in 2013 he was awarded a CBE for services to mathematical sciences.

Frank was appointed as Vice President to the Smith Institute in 2015.

Prof Rebecca Hoyle

Scientific Board Member

Rebecca is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. She works on applications of mathematics to evolutionary biology, biophysics, stochastic dynamics, and dynamics on social networks.

Most recently she has been working on how emotional and social feedback affect rates of cooperation in strategy games, and on the evolution of transgenerational effects in response to changing environments. She is also interested in what makes researchers creative and why, and how collaboration and interdisciplinarity lead to new ideas.

She has also performed stand-up comedy inspired by her research.

Prof Alison Etheridge

Scientific Board Member

Alison Etheridge OBE is Professor of Probability at the University of Oxford where she holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and a Fellowship at Magdalen College. She has previously held research fellowships in Oxford and Cambridge and positions in Berkeley, Edinburgh and Queen Mary University of London.

Her interests have ranged from abstract mathematical problems to concrete applications with much of her recent research concerning mathematical models of population genetics.

Prof Richard Craster

Scientific Board Member

Richard Craster is Professor of Applied Mathematics at Imperial College.  His research interests span across Fluid Mechanics and Elasticity/ Electromagnetism, primarily motivated by Engineering and Physics applications, and is often performed in close collaboration with scientists from those disciplines.

In Fluid mechanics, Richard’s interests are in fluid flows on the microscale concentrating on thin film theories, the effects of surfactants , electrokinetics and coupling between elastic substrates and fluid flow.

In Solid Mechanics and Electromagnetism Richard’s current interests are in wrinkling and buckling of thin elastic plates, fracture mechanics, trapped modes, slow waves in optics and high frequency homogenization theory for microstructured media.

Prof Alan Champneys

Scientific Board Member

Prof Alan Champneys is Professor of Applied Non-linear Mathematics and Head of Queens School of Engineering at the University of Bristol.

Alan’s research interests include understanding complicated dynamics (e.g. chaos) in physical systems and their application across engineering to aircraft and structural dynamics, power electronics, fluid-structure interaction, numerical bifurcation algorithms for periodic orbits of large systems and localised phenomena.  In 2014 he gave the Alan Tayler Lecture at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Prof Coralia Cartis

Scientific Board Member

Coralia Cartis is Associate Professor of Numerical Optimisation at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.

Her research interests include algorithm design, analysis and implementation of large-scale optimisation problems in a number of applications.

Coralia was previously a member of the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network Scientific Committee.

Dr Jakob Blaavand

Scientific Board Member

Dr Jakob Blaavand joined the Smith Institute in September 2015 and was appointed Director of Mathematics in 2018. He completed his DPhil in differential and algebraic geometry at the University of Oxford, and taught undergraduates there and at Aarhus University, Denmark, for a total of 7 years.

He has given over 30 public lectures popularising mathematics, on topics including knot theory and the maths of Google.

After six years of guiding the Smith Institute as lead on optimisation, he left the company to join Danish Crown in Denmark.

While working at the SI, Jakob and colleagues published a paper on the use of mathematical optimisation tools in spectrum management to quantitatively evaluate the consequences of spectrum policies through scenario analysis: Unlocking the value of spectrum using optimization tools.

Prof David Abrahams

Scientific Board Member

Prof I. David Abrahams is the N M Rothschild and Sons Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and past President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

David has devoted research effort to the broad area of applied mathematics, and specifically to the theoretical understanding of wave processes, since graduating in 1982 with a PhD in theoretical acoustics. He has published extensively in the areas of fluid/structural interactions, nondestructive evaluation, fracture mechanics, electromagnetism, water waves and seismology. He has been particularly concerned over the years with the development of existing or new mathematical techniques, and has had a number of successes in this direction, for example with matrix Wiener-Hopf systems. He is also interested in the application of such methods, for example to problems in physics and engineering, including acoustics, Stokes’ flows in ducts, electromagnetic and geophysical wave propagation and scattering, and recently to mathematical finance. Abrahams is enthusiastic about public engagement activities within the applied mathematics community and gives occasional talks to non-specialists.

Dr David Allwright

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Dr David Allwright joined Smith Institute in 2000.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and worked as a Research Fellow on control theory at the Universities of Cambridge and Toronto.

David's technical interests then expanded at Topexpress Ltd to include signal processing, acoustics, vibration and other areas of fluid and solid mechanics, and then further, to other wave phenomena and probabilistic and Markov models at the University of Oxford and  Smith Institute.

Email: david.allwright@smithinst.co.uk

Dr David Wyncoll

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Dr David Wyncoll joined the Smith Institute in January 2017.

He previously worked as a Senior Statistician in the flood management group of HR Wallingford providing statistical support across the company, particularly focusing on estimating the likelihood of large-scale coastal flooding.

David holds an MMath in Mathematics from the University of Bath and a PhD in Statistics from Lancaster University on extreme value modelling and sequential Monte Carlo algorithms.

His interests outside of work include travelling the world and playing rock music on electric bass and guitar.

Email: david.wyncoll@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Francis Woodhouse

Technical Director

Dr Francis Woodhouse joined the Smith Institute in August 2019. Francis previously spent six years working in applied mathematics and biophysics research at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Western Australia, including three years as a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He holds MMath and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge.

In his downtime Francis is fond of consuming cryptic crosswords and classical music, ideally with a cup of coffee.

Email: francis.woodhouse@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Tom Wilson

Mathematical Consultant

Dr. Tom Wilson joined the Smith Institute in January 2023. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Exeter, where he conducted research on the radiative transfer modelling of T Tauri stars. His work aimed to improve the current understanding of stellar evolution for Sun-like stars by comparing synthetic and observed atomic hydrogen spectra. Additionally, Dr. Wilson holds an MPhys degree from the University of Exeter, which he earned for his research on the direct imaging of exoplanets.

Tom is also an experienced mountain leader and first mate on tall ships. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, sailing, and reading.

Email: tom.wilson@smithinst.co.uk

Craig Wightman

IT Apprentice

Craig joined the Smith Institute in October 2020 as an IT Apprentice, supporting Nigel and Caroline in an IT capacity, and will work towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Outside of work, Craig enjoys everything in the world of technology. He is a keen sailor of both Dinghies and Yachts, regularly taking part in races, and is hoping to get qualified as a Dinghy Instructor. He also enjoys all things Sci-Fi.

Email: craig.wightman@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Rachael Warrington

Senior Mathematical Consultant & Head of Staff Flourishing

Dr Rachael Warrington joined the Smith Institute in October 2016. Before this, she was carrying out PhD research on modelling the effects on building temperatures of phase change materials (things that melt and solidify). She did this work at the University of Cambridge, where she also completed an MMath degree.

Outside of work, she enjoys knitting, dressmaking (her favourite project so far has been making her wedding dress), and being part of her local church.

Email: rachael.warrington@smithinst.co.uk

Catherine Ward

Senior Project Manager

Catherine joined the Smith Institute in 2022. Prior to this she has worked in the Space and Metrology industries, with 17 years of experience in Project Management.

She holds a BSc in Cybernetics and Control Engineering from the University of Reading, as well as being Association for Project Management qualified and PRINCE2 Practitioner Trained. She is also a Chartered Engineer.

In her spare time Catherine enjoys tango and lindy hop dancing, and being outside when it is sunny.

Email: catherine.ward@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Ruth Voisey

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Ruth Voisey joined the Smith Institute in November 2021. She was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2023 and sits on the Board of Directors. Prior to her current role, Ruth was Technical Director and Head of Innovation Strategy from 2021-2023. This has positioned her perfectly to realise her clear vision and deep understanding of where we need to take our services to meet the needs of the future.

Before joining Smith Institute, Ruth spent seven years in Research at Dyson. She led global multidisciplinary teams, in acoustics and machine learning, to explore new markets and guide technologies from low to high technology readiness level for maximum impact.

Ruth has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Manchester. Ruth is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and sits on their Professional Affairs Committee. 

Music and festivals have always played a big part in her life. She used to work in festival production, but now just gets to enjoy them. Glastonbury is a firm favourite.

Email: ruth.voisey@smithinst.co.uk

Stephanie Thurston

HR and Staff Engagement Manager

Stephanie Thurston joined the Institute in August 2021 to provide HR support to the Institute’s staff and is CIPD qualified and a Mental Health First Aider.

Steph started her HR career in GSK plc but more recently has been supporting not-for-profit start-up organisations and a leading independent school.

Steph enjoys walking her two dogs in the beautiful Berkshire countryside and spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys theatre, musicals and live music.

Email: steph.thurston@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Heather Tewkesbury

Chief of Strategic Relationships

Dr Heather Tewkesbury joined the Smith Institute in 2001, she was appointed Chief of Strategic Relationships in 2023. Prior to her current role, Heather was Chief Executive Officer from 2017-2023 and Business Development Director from 2006-2017.

Before joining the Smith Institute, Heather worked as a Modelling Development Manager for Cadbury Trebor Bassett, applying mathematics across all areas of the business.

Heather holds a PhD in modelling heat transfer from the University of Birmingham. She is a Chartered Mathematician, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, sits on the advisory board for NAMS (National Academy for Mathematical Sciences) and was an impact assessor for the 2014 and 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Her interests outside of work include playing violin and viola (but not at the same time), making cakes for friends and family, coldwater swimming and kayaking.

Email: heather.tewkesbury@smithinst.co.uk

Melissa Tate

Commercial Director

Melissa Tate has spent her career working at the intersection of sales, marketing and product – with companies spanning educational technology, fintech, smart mobility and more.

She has an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Melissa joined the Smith Institute in 2021 to lead the Commercial Team and is laser-focused on tailoring Smith Institute products and services to meet customer needs.

In her spare time, she runs after two children and enjoys walks, skiing and learning the ukulele.

Jay Tarrant

Mathematical Consultant

Jay joined the Smith Institute in September 2022.

He holds an MSc in Statistical Science from the University of Oxford, and previously studied a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Leeds. As part of his MSc dissertation, he worked in the prestigious Simon Myers Group, assisting their research into genetic interactions.

Outside the office, Jay enjoys cycling, mixing music, and travelling. He spent a year in Australia as part of his degree and would love to go to Central and South America next.

Jay is a Mental Health First Aider for the Smith Institute after completing training with MHFA UK in November 2023.

Louise Rhys Business

Business Development Manager

Louise Rhys joined the Smith Institute in January 2024 as a Business Development Manager.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Drama from Rhodes University, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of South Africa, specialising in Mathematics and is a part-qualified Management Accountant.

Prior to joining the Smith Institute, Louise gained 15 years of experience in the education sector, where she delivered lessons in numbers, life and logic to students between the ages of 11 and 18, as well as helping to train other staff members and delivering several school timetables. She also spent four years working for a financial services consultancy, helping to deliver and audit financial models.

In her spare time, Louise can usually be found outdoors, where she enjoys gardening and amateur entomology. She has been a member of the RHS for many years and will be once again taking part in the Big Butterfly Count in the summer.

Email: louise.rhys@smithinst.co.uk

Judy Reynolds

Head of Executive Administration

Judy Reynolds joined the Smith Institute in 2010.

She provides executive support for our CEO, Board and REMCO, liaises between Directors, staff and the Scientific Board, and manages the HR and Administrative team. She organises both internal and client-facing events and ensures the smooth running of our business.

Email: judy.reynolds@smithinst.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 244011

Claire Petworth

Administrative Assistant

Claire joined the Smith Institute in December 2019. She is working alongside Judy Reynolds, providing administrative support to the team.

Claire previously worked for the global FMCG company Reckitt Benckiser, but since starting a family, has gained an art degree and employment with her local Pre-school.

Claire enjoys walking her extremely energetic springer spaniel, spending time with her family, reading, taking photographs and creating a little bit of art when she finds the time!

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 244011

Nigel Marsh

Business Systems Manager

Nigel joined the Smith Institute in March 2017 in the role of IT Officer, supporting hardware and software management and all things IT.

Nigel has a BA in English and Philsophy from the University of Wales and a PGCE from the University of Bristol, specialising in English and English as a Foreign Language. He has worked in many diverse jobs, including teaching English in Germany, designing school computer systems and running an IT support company.

Outside work, Nigel enjoys listening to birdsong as he runs through the Oxfordshire countryside, playing the tuba with a local brass band, reading lots and going to the theatre.

Email: nigel.marsh@smithinst.co.uk

Charl van Loggerenberg

Director of Innovation and Operations

Charl started as Director of Innovation and Operations at Smith Institute in January 2024. He holds a Masters in Organisational Leadership from Regent University (USA), where he specialised in Strategic Planning and Organisational Development, in addition to his studies in the fields of coaching, information systems and auditing. Charl has contributed to academia as lecturer in the field of Brand Leadership and served as a Non-executive Director on the board of a data science organisation.

Charl is a keen golfer and loves exploring unchartered wilderness – which, ironically, is exactly where he usually finds himself on the golf course.


Hannah Lewis

IT Apprentice

Hannah joined the Smith Institute in August 2021 as an IT Apprentice, supporting Nigel and Caroline in an IT capacity, and will work towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Outside of work she enjoys online gaming with friends and spending time with her two dogs. She loves watching films and frequently going to the cinema, especially to see superhero films since she has recently taken a liking to reading comics.

Dr Robert Leese

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Robert Leese was appointed as Chief Technical Officer in May 2017, and was previously Chief Executive of the Smith Institute and a member of its Board of Directors since 1999.

He previously held Research Fellowships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a visiting position at Brown University.

Robert holds a PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Durham and has been a Fellow of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, since 1993. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a member of the Peer Review College of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Robert and and colleagues have published a paper on the use of mathematical optimisation tools in spectrum management to quantitatively evaluate the consequences of spectrum policies through scenario analysis.

Email: robert.leese@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Georgina Lang

Principal Consultant

Dr Georgina Lang joined the Smith Institute in February 2016. Previously she worked as a mathematician at a research and development consultancy, applying mathematical modelling techniques to a broad range of engineering and scientific applications.

Georgina holds an MMath and DPhil in mathematics from the University of Oxford, where her research focussed on modelling the mechanical behaviour of biological tissues.

Email: georgina.lang@smithinst.co.uk

Nina Kearsey

Business Development Manager

Nina Kearsey joined the Smith Institute as Business Development Manager in June 2020. Prior to this she spent seven years at a boutique investment firm dedicated to shipping assets, where she occupied the roles of Financial Analyst and Head of Research.

Nina holds a MSci in Physics from Imperial College London, and an MSc in Theory and Simulation of Materials, also from Imperial.

In her spare time Nina enjoys reading (particularly epics), walks in the countryside, and watching Seinfeld and Star Trek reruns.

Email: nina.kearsey@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Kieran Kalair

principal Mathematical Consultant

Kieran joined the Smith Institute in April 2021. Before this, he completed his PhD at the University of Warwick, focusing on mathematical modelling and data-science problems in intelligent transportation systems. During his PhD, he worked with Thales, Jaguar Land Rover and Transport for the West Midlands on various transportation problems. Prior to this he completed a BSc in mathematics at Coventry University, and an MSc in mathematics for real world systems at the University of Warwick.

Outside of work he enjoys board games and football.

Email: kieran.kalair@smithinst.co.uk

Edward Jones-Healey

Mathematical Consultant

Edward Jones-Healey joined the Smith Institute as a Mathematical Intern in July 2021. After completing a 6 month internship he continued working for the Smith Institute part-time as an intern whilst finishing his PhD. He completed his PhD in quantum algebra and representation theory at the University of Manchester in November 2023, and is now working for the Smith Institute as a Mathematical Consultant. He also holds Masters degrees in Theoretical physics and Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and University of Manchester respectively.

Outside of work he enjoys trail running and climbing

Email: edward.jones-healey@smithinst.co.uk

Jacob Hands

Mathematical Consultant

Jacob Hands joined the Smith Institute as a graduate in 2023. They hold a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Oxford, specialising in topology, set theory, and formal logic.

Outside of work, they enjoy tabletop games, cryptic crosswords, and speaking the minimalist constructed language Toki Pona.

Email: jacob.hands@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Madeleine Hall

Mathematical Consultant

Dr Madeleine Hall joined Smith Institute in September 2023. She studied maths at the University of Edinburgh, before doing a masters in bioinformatics and a PhD in mathematical biology, both at Imperial College London. Her PhD research combined biofluid dynamics, computational micromechanics and the genetics of behaviour.

In her spare time, she is part of the team behind Chalkdust magazine, “the magazine for the mathematically curious”. Outside of maths, she can be found running, swimming or doing yoga.

Email: madeleine.hall@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Alex Evans

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Alex Evans joined the Smith Institute in August 2017 following the completion of his PhD at the University of Cambridge focused on modelling uncertainty in porous media flows. Prior to this, he earned his MMath degree from the University of Oxford.

In his spare time he enjoys playing real tennis and, when the weather allows, cricket.

Email: alex.evans@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Caroline Edwards

Head of Computing

Dr Caroline Edwards joined the Smith Institute in 2008.

Caroline holds a PhD in structural topology optimisation and an MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics both from the University of Bath.

Caroline’s areas of interest include numerical analysis, linear solver techniques, linear elasticity and finite element modelling.

Outside of work Caroline enjoys baking cakes, ice-skating, travelling to new places and hopes to make it to the Southern Hemisphere one day.

Email: caroline.edwards@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Tom Dobra

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Dr Tom Dobra joined the Smith Institute in July 2021. He holds a PhD in fluid dynamics specialising in internal waves within the oceans, with experimental and theoretical work undertaken jointly between the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge. Prior to this, he completed his MMath at the University of Cambridge. During his PhD, he has taught fluids, programming and mathematical methods to engineering students and more recently privately tutored for GCSE and A-level maths.

Most weekends, Tom competes in orienteering and has represented Great Britain in TrailO since 2015. He also runs several times per week and enjoys trips to the mountains for hillwalking and skiing.

Email: tom.dobra@smithinst.co.uk

Rachel Dalton

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Dalton joined Smith Institute in January 2021 as CFO. Rachel qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte & Touche in 2000. She has spent her career working in both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Rachel holds a BSc in Mathematics & Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and an MSc in Development Finance from the University of Reading. In her spare time Rachel enjoys running and travelling.

Jack Cowmeadow

IT Apprentice

Jack joined the Smith Institute in August 2021 as an IT Apprentice following the competition of his A-Levels, and will work towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Outside of work, Jack enjoys playing a variety of online and board games with friends and taking his dog for long walks. He is also an avid follower of Formula 1.

Charles Choyce

Account Manager

Charles Choyce joined the Smith Institute in September 2019.

He holds an MMath in Applied Mathematics from the University of Warwick with a speciality in Fluid Mechanics and Dynamical Systems.

During his masters he worked on traffic flow modelling, specifically investigating the effects predictable from the introduction of autonomous vehicles to our roads.

Outside the office Charles enjoys cooking, travelling and is an avid amateur artist

Email: charles.choyce@smithinst.co.uk

Adam Brummitt

Marketing Manager

Adam Brummitt joined the Smith Institute as Marketing Manager in August 2022.

Before this, he worked at a marketing agency focusing on strategy development for business-to-business clients in the technology sector.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys going to the gym, watching as much sport as he can get away with, and spending time with his young family.

Email: adam.brummitt@smithinst.co.uk

Tom Bradbury

Business Development Manager

Tom Bradbury joined the Smith Institute in September 2020 as a Business Development Analyst. He has been a Business Development Manager since October 2021 and focusses his work on the transport sector.

Tom holds a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Bath and studied a mixture of theoretical and applied modules throughout his degree, including in other fields such as biology and economics.

He also completed an industrial placement during his time at university, working in financial analytics and digital marketing roles for an automotive company.

In his spare time Tom is a sports fan and particularly enjoys watching football and rugby. He also likes to travel and experience new foods and cultures.

Email: tom.bradbury@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Tim Boxer

Principal Consultant

Dr Tim Boxer joined the Smith Institute in 2002.

Previously, he worked for ArjoWiggins as a Diagnostic Engineer, where he worked on time series and signal analysis, flow through compressible porous media and linear elastic beams.

More recently Tim’s interests have developed into the areas of probabilistic modelling and decision making under uncertainty. Tim holds a PhD in modelling industrial processes from UMIST, and an MSc in Industrial Applied Mathematics from the University of Southampton.

Email: tim.boxer@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Alex Bowring

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Alex Bowring joined Smith Institute as a Mathematical Consultant in November 2021.

Prior to this, Alex completed an Early Career Research Fellowship in Neuroimaging Statistics at the University of Oxford, where he investigated how heterogeneity in analytic approaches could lead to variation in functional neuroimaging results. Alex holds a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Warwick, and a DPhil in Population Health from the University of Oxford, where he developed novel statistical techniques for analysing task-based functional MRI data.

Outside of work Alex is passionate about music, and loves to play the electric bass guitar.

Email: alex.bowring@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Cameron

Mathematical Consultant

Cameron joined the Smith Institute in April 2022 after finishing his DPhil in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. His research studied the dynamics of strongly interacting quantum systems in the presences of noise and dissipation with the hope of eventually applying this understanding to the development of more robust quantum technologies.

Prior to his time at Oxford, Cameron completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where he specialised in applied mathematics and theoretical physics.

In his free time Cameron enjoys all things active and can often be found running, cycling and trying not to sink while training for his next triathlon.

Julian Beda

IT Apprentice

Julian joined the Smith Institute in September 2023 as an IT Apprentice, supporting Nigel and Caroline in an IT capacity, and will work towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Outside work, Julian enjoys reading novels and occasionally spending his time playing a variety of computer games. He also likes learning about technology and using it where applicable.

Email: julian.beda@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Kim Becker

Mathematical Consultant

Dr Kim Becker joined the Smith Institute as a Mathematical Intern in January 2024. Prior to this, Kim completed her PhD in Statistics from Oxford University. In her research, Kim studied the mathematics of hybrid zones, which occur when two plant or animal species live close to one another and can interbreed where their populations meet, forming a `zone’ of hybrid individuals between them. Kim also obtained a Master of Philosophy in differential geometry and a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences from The University of Adelaide, Australia. Kim is passionate about EDI in the sciences, and loves rowing, reading, and cross-stitching.

Email: kim.becker@smithinst.co.uk

Lorna Ashton

Business Development Manager

Lorna Ashton joined the Smith Institute in November 2022 as a Business Development Manager.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish from the University of Manchester, a Post-Graduate Certificate in European Business Management from the Manchester Business School and a Secondary PGCE from the University of Reading.

Prior to joining Smith Institute, she worked in Sales and Business Development within the academic publishing sector, supporting customers in Southern Europe.

In her spare time, Lorna enjoys spending time outdoors: road cycling in the beautiful South Downs, countryside walks with her family, swimming, watching rugby and socialising with friends. She also loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorna-ashton

Dr Connor Armstrong

Mathematical Consultant

Connor joined Smith Institute in August 2023 as a Mathematical Intern. Before that he completed a Mathematical Physics PhD at the University of Durham specialising in particle theory, studying scattering amplitudes of fundamental particles and their applications in gravity and cosmology. He also has a Theoretical Physics MSci from Royal Holloway.

In his spare time, Connor enjoys walking, rock climbing and dabbling in sound tech. He is also an avid SciFi reader and occasional player of tabletop games.

Email: connor.armstrong@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Miriam Apsley

Senior Mathematical Consultant

Miriam Apsley joined Smith Institute in February 2022.

She earned her PhD researching continuum-scale battery simulation at the University of Cambridge. Prior to this she did an MPhil in scientific computing involving research into radiative models for the simulation of lightning strikes on aircraft. She also holds an MMath from the University of Cambridge.

Outside of work she enjoys doing triathlons, baking and reading.

Cecilie Anderson

Mathematical Intern

Cecilie joined the Smith Institute in January 2024 as a Mathematical Intern. She obtained an MMath from Magdalen College, Oxford and is now in the final year of a PhD at the University of Bath. Her research focuses on applying asymptotic techniques to a class of problems from fluid mechanics.

Outside of work, Cecilie enjoys orienteering and running. She regularly represents Great Britain at international orienteering races

Email: cecilie.andersen@smithinst.co.uk

Dr Emilia Alvarez

Senior Mathematical Consultant and Innovation manager

Emilia started as a Mathematical Consultant with the Smith Institute in July 2022 and completed her PhD in Mathematical Physics at the University of Bristol in September 2022. She researched statistical properties of random matrices, which are useful for modelling complex correlated systems such as those found in nuclear physics, networks, finance, and number theory. She completed her undergraduate studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with an Honours thesis on random matrix theory and number theory.

Emilia is also a keen surfer and open water swimmer and is currently learning to dance salsa and to speak Greek.

Edwin Agnew

Mathematical Intern

Edwin joined the Smith Institute in September 2023 as a Mathematical Intern. Prior to this, he obtained a Master’s in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science from the University of Oxford, writing a dissertation on the mathematical structure of a certain graphical language for quantum computing. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy from Duke University, USA.

Outside of work, you can usually find Edwin reading, climbing things or engaging in pointless arguments. He is currently learning to knit and may produce his first scarf by the end of next year Email: edwin.agnew@smithinst.co.uk

Lord Julian Hunt

Vice President

Julian Hunt FRS is a British meteorologist who was Director General and Chief Executive of the British Meteorological Office from 1992 to 1997.

He was made a Life Peer in 2000.

He is Professor of Climate modelling in the Department of Space & Climate Physics and Department of Earth Sciences at University College London.

Julian was appointed as Vice President of the Smith Institute in 2015.

Dr Bruce Smith

President & Founder

Dr Bruce Smith is President and Founder of the Smith Institute.

Until 1997 he was the Chairman and majority shareholder of Smith System Engineering Limited. Before founding that company in 1971, he worked in design engineering for Decca Radar Limited after a period in the United States with Bellcomm Inc in the US Space programme. Bruce was Chairman of the Council of the Smith Institute until May 2018.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institute of Physics. Bruce is a director of a number of private companies, and a Domus Fellow of St Catherine’s College, Oxford.