We’re proud to have award-winning capability in de-risking and verifying radio spectrum auctions.

Working with leading telecoms organisations and regulators around the world, we are the only global supplier of independent verification and validation of spectrum auctions.

Our world-leading capability in de-risking spectrum auctions ensures mobile operators and policymakers can maximise the efficient use of radio spectrum.

Global demand for mobile data has exploded in the last two decades, with wireless connectivity quickly becoming a vital service. This is ratcheting up the pressure on the bedrock of mobile services: the airwaves that carry our data.

Spectrum auctions are the vehicle used to efficiently allocate this valuable resource to mobile operators, all the while promoting healthy competition to the benefit of the end consumer. Our optimisation expertise supports national regulators in putting spectrum to use quickly and fairly to best economic advantage.

As of mid-2021, we have successfully verified the algorithms and software underpinning 30 spectrum auctions throughout North America, Europe and Australasia.

“Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) would like to acknowledge the significant contribution the Smith Institute has made to the development and conduct of spectrum auctions in Canada. Since 2013, the Smith Institute has provided ISED with advice concerning auction design, software testing and verification of auction results, which has helped ISED organize high profile, technically complex, and successful auctions… These auctions were conducted using a computationally challenging combinatorial format and included a number of innovative features… as well as a large number of licences.”

Nancy Macartney
Manager, Auction Operations, Spectrum Licensing Policy Branch, ISED