Established in 2011, the Smith Institute’s annual TakeAIM competition is an opportunity for university students to showcase their work on the industrial stage. TakeAIM’s goal is to highlight the crucial role mathematics plays in solving real-world problems while rewarding the academic exploration of future innovators who undertake pioneering research.

From medicine to manufacturing, security to social media, mathematics is evolving to play an increasingly fundamental role in the way we live. It is the fresh imagination and insights of young mathematical scientists that help to understand and predict the behaviour of physical, biological, and social systems in today’s ever-changing world.

TakeAIM 2021 Winners

The winners of the 2021 competition have been decided! We’d like to thank all those who submitted an entry – the standard was incredibly high. The Smith Institute and our TakeAIM sponsors (Sembcorp Energy UK, Dyson, NAG, Syngenta, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), EPSRC and DeepMind) are delighted to announce the following prize winners:

  • 1st prize of £1000: Cathie Wells (Tracking the sustainability of long haul flights)
  • 2nd prize of £500: Eleanor Russell (Thermal metamaterials: The future of electronics)
  • 2nd prize of £500: Markus Dablander (Small changes with large impacts: Accelerating drug discovery by predicting activity cliffs in chemical space)
  • 3rd prize of £250: Callum Barltrop (The importance of combined extreme events for nuclear regulation)
  • 3rd prize of £250: Sarah Crossland (The strain of diabetic foot ulceration: Using maths for risk assessment)

Congratulations to our winners! All 2021 entrants will be invited to our TakeAIM Awards Ceremony at Imperial College London on 12th May 2022, where we will hear presentations from some of our winners, industrial partners and sponsor companies.