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Dr Heather Tewkesbury

Testimonial from Sophie Carr, CEO, Bays Consulting:

"There are few female role models you can look to as an industrial mathematician, let alone those you can aspire to emulate.  Dr Tewkesbury is such as person.  Throughout her career she openly shown how mathematics is applicable across industry (who wouldn't want to talk about melting chocolate) - her warmth and openness means you are never afraid to ask her questions, whether that be about mathematics, rising through the ranks within industry or how to lead with empathy.  She has shown the way for females to forge a career at the highest levels, and how to do this by being true to yourself.  Heather has led the way for female industrial mathematicians to also have a composite career, showing the value of giving back and paying it forwards by joining boards and councils of learned societies and institutions.  That is not to say that Heather doesn't know the value of boundaries and the importance of taking time out to ensure when you work you're at peak mind and focus.  Her dedication to supporting people to look after their well-being should be more celebrated.  She is an inspiration to more people than she is probably aware of."

Testimonial from Prof Ed Rochead, Chair of the Alliance for Data Science Professionals:

"Heather is the most inspirational leader in the industrial maths sector I know. It has been a pleasure to work with her over the past two decades in a range of projects related to growing diversity and equity in mathematics and promoting the economic benefits of mathematics."

Testimonial from Christina Phillips, Liverpool John Moores University:

"Heather is an inspiration, who shows that women in mathematics can succeed and go far. Her enduring kindness and enthusiasm for the subject and it's application have helped me to stay focussed on what I really love - the application of mathematics and spreading its effective use as widely as possible. She is also a lovely person to meet and spend time with at any event and a great dress maker!"

Testimonial from Carol Foussat, Cranfield University:

"Heather has continuously grown as a leader. Her self-reflection, curiosity and continuous appetite for learning have enabled her to be a role model for others. Being gentle and insightful she is nonetheless willing to take difficult decisions and do the right thing by the widest audience of stakeholders.

Ruth Voisey, CEO Smith Institute (Heather’s ‘successor’):

Heather has been a role model for me for over 10 years, following Smith Institute’s support of my shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnership mathematical internship with Dyson. Between 2013 and 2021, I watched Smith Institute closely, inspired by the work that they did and the impact that they had. But what really impressed me, as I attended their outreach events like TakeAIM (competition for early career students), was the momentum and passion that Heather brought to the company as her career skyrocketed and she took on the role of CEO. People focussed, the culture she established and nurtured was admirable and inspirational, and I knew that one day I wanted to work for her and with her. In joining the company in 2021, Heather’s instinct, belief and motivational approach to leadership gave me so much confidence in myself and my abilities. I have her to thank for where I am today!" 

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