Our innovative spectrum optimisation techniques support mobile operators and policy makers to utilise spectrum more efficiently. Working internationally with leading telecoms organisations and regulators, the Smith Institute has extensive experience in de-risking and verifying radio spectrum auctions by applying new and forward-looking mathematical approaches.

In our highly-connected world, the need for mobile services has exploded. Around the globe people are demanding more types of services using mobile technologies to gain flexibility of use. This increased demand for mobile services translates into increased demand for its most fundamental input: spectrum. Optimisation then becomes necessary for regulators and spectrum managers to maximise the efficient assignment of spectrum.

Optimisation techniques such as spectrum repacking will increase in importance in relation to exploring how different services can coexist in terms of spectrum and geography. This scenario analysis enabled by spectrum optimisation can be equally adopted by regulators wishing to re-plan a given spectrum band or by operators looking at network planning and assuring optimal capacity.