Smith Institute – a leader in delivering robust, trustworthy decision intelligence – today announced a leadership change designed to fuel its ongoing growth and development. Effective August 1, the company’s CEO Dr Heather Tewkesbury will transition to the newly created role of Chief of Strategic Relationships. Dr Ruth Voisey, Technical Director and Head of Innovation Strategy, has been appointed to lead the business into a new, exciting era.  

Dr Ruth Voisey and Dr Heather Tewkesbury
Dr Heather Tewkesbury and Dr Ruth Voisey

As a Technical Director and Head of Innovation Strategy, Ruth has worked extensively with our clients across energy, security, transport and consumer goods and played a key role in delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet their complex challenges. As the leader of our innovation program, she has strong vision and deep understanding of where we need to take our services to meet the needs of the future.   

Before joining Smith Institute, Ruth worked in the application of mathematics to product development at Dyson, from silencer design to intelligent control systems. In her different roles Ruth has been responsible for innovating and delivering with global multidisciplinary teams, exploring new opportunities and markets and taking technologies from low to high technology readiness level for maximum impact. This wide range of experience and deep knowledge of Smith Institute means a smooth transition of leadership and the continuity of quality, insight and impact for our clients. 

Heather commented

“During her time at Smith Institute, Ruth has been integral to setting our technical and innovation strategies and has developed an in-depth understanding of our clients. She’s perfectly positioned to ensure that we stay at the forefront of delivering AI and data science solutions that give clarity, guidance, and ultimately, help our clients sleep better at night.” 

Heather will be applying her unparalleled knowledge of Smith Institute’s capabilities and deep industry relationships, built over her 22 years at the company, to the new role of Chief of Strategic Relationships. Heather is looking forward to closer collaboration with customers, policymakers, and other senior stakeholders who are shaping the agenda on some of the big challenges the world is facing. 

Ruth has always had a strong belief in the power and benefit that mathematics can have in society and business. She is thrilled to lead a company with these values at its core and a remarkable team with such expertise and drive. 

Ruth added,

“We are living in a time where AI, advanced mathematics and data are making a monumental impact on almost every aspect of our lives. We will continue to utilise the potential of these technologies to make a positive change, commercially, environmentally and socially. Heather and I will work together for a smooth transition and will be collaborating closely going forward.  

I’m so excited about leading Smith Institute,  building on the successes of the last 6 years and nurturing the vibrant, inclusive and supportive culture and values that make this such a great place to work.” 

Smith Institute has over 25 years of experience across security & defence, energy, consumer goods and transportation. It has broad expertise in delivering solutions requiring forecasting, optimisation, algorithm auditing, data analysis and explainable AI. This enables decision makers to have the confidence that processes are efficient, effective and reliable, whilst critical strategic decisions are supported by robust and explainable data science principles.