About us

The Smith Institute works with companies and government departments facing high value challenges. We specialise in providing clarity for decision-makers by offering insight driven by the latest mathematical techniques.

We are a Company Limited by Guarantee with 4 Company members: University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Dr Bruce Smith and Dr Robert Leese.

We currently have 35 inspiring staff and advisors who work remotely and from our office in Oxfordshire.

Our core values are creativity, integrity, clarity, motivation and support.

We are a Mindful Employer, with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Position description

The Smith Institute wishes to appoint a NED to its Board of Directors. In particular we are looking for commercial and/or operations experience relevant to a growing business with complex sales and a distributed working environment.

NEDs are expected to attend 6 Board meetings per year and occasional corporate events.

The Board as a whole is collectively responsible for the success of the Company.

How to apply

Please provide by email to heather.tewkesbury@smithinst.co.uk:

  • A cover letter addressing our requirement and how you can add value
  • Your board CV;
  • Your LinkedIn profile URL

Selection Criteria

We are looking for some or all of:

  • Experience building a customer-focused business;
  • Experience delivering growth strategies;
  • Experience dealing with sales of complex services;
  • Appreciation of the power and versatility of mathematical approaches to business challenges;
  • Experience of operations in a consulting business model.

You will be an effective communicator and influencer with a commitment to improving the awareness of insightful solutions in business and government. You will also have a strong business network, in the private or public sectors.

Other details

Closing date: 30th June 2019
Remuneration: Director fees
Term: 3 years
Time commitment: 15-20 days pa
Location: Board meetings are currently held in either London or Oxford. Our office is in Oxfordshire