Mobile performance modelling

The Smith Institute helped Motorola to improve network capacity and customer experience.

The problem

Motorola is heavily involved in developing current and future generation mobile networking technologies, and frequently needs to perform detailed modelling, simulation, and performance optimisation in support of their customers worldwide. Areas covered in collaboration with the Smith Institute include resource scheduling, optimisation, traffic engineering and performance modelling. Results from this work have been impressive, delivering improvements in network capacity, dropped call rate, and voice quality.

The solution

Resulting from interactive ‘surgery sessions’ with Motorola, the Smith Institute has provided extensive consultancy on a variety of mathematical topics of direct relevance to Motorola’s Home and Networks Mobility business since 2002.

We have been delighted with the quality of expertise the Smith Institute has been able to provide. Working closely with our system engineers and developers, they were quickly able to recommend practical solutions to the difficult technical problems that frequently arise in the complex world of large-scale mobile communications networks.

Andy WiltonFormer Senior Director and Chief Technologist of Motorola’s GSM Systems Division
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