Independent verification

For critical projects, where the impact of mistakes is high either in terms of cost or safety, we are able to provide independent verification and testing of algorithms and models. Our clients in this area include Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, the ACMA in Australia, Industry Canada, RTR, the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, ComReg, the Irish Commission for Communications Regulation, BAKOM, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, Nkom, the Norwegian Communications Authority, and AKOS, the Slovenian Agency for Communication Networks and Services.

The Smith Institute works alongside telecom regulators to ensure the smooth running of the spectrum auction process. Our role involves thorough the testing of the auction systems and the independent verification of the live auction results. Our team has supported the preparation, verification, and certification of 12 spectrum auctions across 8 countries, more than any other team globally.

The Smith Institute is independent from any other organisation and as such is able to act within our clients’ best interests to provide models, analysis, and algorithms which capture the system being verified. We have extensive experience in testing the limits of the operational envelope and presenting the results to our clients and regulators. We assist our clients in making their algorithms more robust, secure, and efficient. You can read our Q&As arising from the Ofcom 4G auction and about our independent study of mathematical algorithms for Selex ES.

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