The Smith Institute provides mathematical consultancy for industry, business, and government

Working on the USA space programme in the 1970's, our founder Bruce Smith became inspired to apply mathematical techniques to industry and government problems, and hence set up a system engineering company.

The Smith Institute team, with the aim of creating closer links with leading universities in mathematics, physics, and computing, was born from this company and became independent in 1997. We then became ISO 9001 certified in early 2012, and celebrated our 15th Anniversary in the same year.

The SI 15th Anniversary

The Smith Institute team currently consists of 15 consultant mathematicians with a variety of strong academic backgrounds and a wide range of industrial experience. Together, we aim to work with industries, businesses, and government in order to develop, support, and improve products, services, processes, and strategy. Some of the projects we have worked on to date have involved system design, data analysis, high performance computing, independent verification, professional development, technical workshops, and research management.

We are a company limited by guarantee; therefore we do not have any shareholders and are guided by our council. The Members of the company are Bruce Smith, The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge. Our team of talented consultant mathematicians will apply themselves to solve your business problems. We can investigate industrial problems as a consultancy, working in-house or remotely; we can run workshops and provide bespoke training; we can liaise with academics when appropriate; and we are always open to new suggestions on how best to work with industry to meet their requirements.

As a team we are proud of what the Smith Institute can offer, which not only includes mathematical and statistical expertise, a breadth of experience in industry, and a flexible approach in mechanisms of engagement, but also our drive to ensure successful knowledge transfer and two-way understanding.

We believe that good communication is key to achieving a job well done, and we welcome all opportunities to demonstrate how mathematical innovation can enhance your industry and accelerate growth.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to find out more or to talk about a problem that’s on your desk.

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